Thoroughbred Specialist

Saracen Horse Feeds

Location: England
Closing Date: Friday, September 6th 2019

Job Type: Nutrition / Sales / Specialist

Job Description

“If you are an assertive self-starter, you are strategic in your approach to business, you achieve your goals with and through others, you thrive in a fast-paced, deadline orientated environment where attention to detail and sound follow through is a must, please keep reading...” 

Saracen Horse Feeds, an independent, family owned company, are looking for candidates for a sales and technical service position. The position is 100% Thoroughbred orientated, so an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the thoroughbred industry is vital, with a true passion for racing and breeding, and for the people and horses involved. The primary focus is to establish and maintain a presence in our designated markets, to expand our market share and to help build awareness of our brand values. Our business is to offer the finest nutritional solutions, and a very personal level of customer service and relations. A collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research and Hallway Feeds since 2001 has given Saracen the chance to provide unique, progressive feeds along with the science and technology to support them. The ability to correctly present and explain the unique products and service elements that the brand provides, and how they make a difference, is paramount. 

For this role, 5-10 years of related practical horse experience is required, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both spoken and written, are a must. 

The successful candidate will be :-

  • Highly motivated, enterprising and hardworking, with a proper commitment to the brand
  • Active, tactical and confident in their approach, and prepared to invest significant time and energy into developing and maintaining relationships with key contacts
  • Driven by the desire to be a high achiever, and part of a leading team
  • Eager and ready to help to solve problems and provide support for our clients
  • Comfortable with responsibility, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit 

They will need to :-

  • Travel, as required, within their designated area to serve existing customers and prospective clients
  • Manage and plan a busy schedule with strong time management and organisational skills
  • Be able to work as part of the team, or on their own initiative, and be very happy to do both
  • Be quick to react and respond, and to always follow through
  • Be genuinely interested in being involved in the thoroughbred feed industry 

The successful candidate will be expected, within a reasonable timeframe, to start to make a significant commercial contribution to the company’s bottom line. We will offer full ongoing training and support for definite career progression to become the very best in this fast-paced and fascinating industry. Salary will be commensurate with experience.  Closing date 6th September. 

Please email your covering letter and CV to and complete the below link.

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